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A truehome isn’t just a building. It’s a living space crafted to provide a better life for you and your family.

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Learn about our unique approach to designing living spaces that fit your family and the life you want to live. It’s patent-pending, has been field tested for almost twenty years, and is something no other design firm can offer. Call today and schedule a free consultation or learn more about the Workshop here.

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“Home” is not a building. It’s an emotional experience! Our scientific client interviews and Workshop help us tailor a home in exact ways to each family’s personality, tastes, lifestyle, values, and financial priorities. The process is unique to our firm and has been lauded in The New York Times and media all over the world. Check out our client raves and academic endorsements!

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We’re green and earth-friendly, but we’re also pragmatists. The best green solutions pay for themselves in the long run. We find the mix of traditional and green solutions that match you.Learn more here.

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Already have an architect or builder? We’d like to join your team. Our expertise in developing design criteria using a scientific process based in psychology, and our long experience with designing and building homes tailored to each individual client, makes our design criteria consulting services a bargain. The Truehome approach provides the critical details your designers need to create a living space that fits you! Set up a free consultation with your designer and/or builder, and learn how to create a therapeutic home!

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We’ve been serving design and home building clients for over thirty-five years. Ask for references. We are professionals committed to extraordinary service.

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Emotional Architecture – Two

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