Truehome Workshop
The Truehome Workshop can be used effectively for several purposes.

You can use it on your own to learn about your deep relationship with your home and how that knowledge can help you tailor your living space to fit your life.

The Workshop is also a programming aid for architects, interior designers, design/build general contractors and REALTORS that helps them understand your needs.We believe its most effective use is as a roadmap for a Truehome Team composed of a client, a design professional, and a trained life coach or therapist in the process of buying, or designing and building, a living space that matches your unique needs.

This Workshop can also be used as an aid for group seminars. If you are a professional with an interest in presenting Truehome Workshop seminars in your area, contact us at or by phone at 3030-838-0888.

This Workshop Will Help You…

  1. Learn about the dynamic relationship you have with your home – one you might not have previously seen.
  2. Create a vision for a home that nurtures your true nature.
  3. Identify your authentic needs and values and see how that information can be used in the design of your living space.
  4. Understand how your family system and your past impact your experience of home; and how your home can be used to empower your current values, goals and relationships.
  5. Discover the specific and detailed design criteria for a home that fulfills your vision and is tailored to your unique requirements.
  6. Communicate your goals and values to the professionals who will help create your new living space.

When this document is used as part of a professional design process, the client’s information and responses should be held in strict confidence by members of the Truehome team unless express written permission is granted by the client in advance for the release of that information. When used as an aid to a public seminar however, participants must protect their own privacy as group discussions are part of that process.