Learn how the Truehome method is transforming
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Real Estate Professionals

“I felt like a participant in the process, not just a client. I discovered the true depth of my value for, and attachment to, my home.”

Frank Johnston
Owner Heritage Texas Country Properties and Truehome Design Client

“Selling real estate is about listening and developing trust. Truehome asks all the questions up front that top producers have learned to ask their prospective buyers, because top-producing real estate professionals helped develop it. Truehome helps us understand what properties might truly be a match for our clients, even when they are not sure themselves. That saves us time, and helps them understand we are listening and doing our best to serve them.”

Sandy Reed
Sandy Reed & Associates and past Vice President Houston Board of Real Estate Professionals


A 19212“When I was a Partner in Sentient Architecture, LLC with Christopher Travis, we were the beta testing site for the Truehome Workshop. It lowered our production costs radically. Our clients love it and it makes our job much easier. It allows you to tailor a home to a family system. Environmental psychologists and practitioners have talked about merging psychology with architecture for decades, but he actually did it. It’s a tool that really works!

I’ve known and worked with Truehome personally and professionally for 9 years. He is timely, honest, knowledgeable, and has an eye for detail that is difficult to find in the construction industry these days. He offers ideas and solutions to improve the project, and when issues arise, he will resolve them quickly and efficiently. He is a valuable asset to any project and an ally to any owner.

Brett Pitt, AIA, NCARB
MP/A Architects

“As an architectural programmer and planner, I have long thought that a project could be raised to a higher level of success and satisfaction if a client had an awareness of various factors that influence his architectural sensitivities and decision making. I certainly agree with the Truehome Workshop that the resultant design can be enhanced if a client’s dream can be understood, developed, and reflected in the final programmatic product. Via your ‘journey,’ the client is focused, fully invested, will probably make some interesting discoveries about himself…and the designer will get a magic glimpse inside his cabeza.”

Harry Harwood

Design Clients

“As a ‘graduate’ of the Truehome Workshop, I can tell you now that we are in the house, the method has worked beautifully for us and we are total believers. Sitting in those window seats is a joy!!! I feel like I know every nook and cranny, and it is all so familiar. The whole process has been so good for us.”

Lynn and Ralph Youngblood
Custom Home

“I love my house and the history it represents. Chris instructed me to design a dream home I knew I could not afford…after a while a pattern began to evolve. To me, it was very relaxing.”

Carol Doell
Custom Home

girlintubpampered“Truehome truly guided us and created a home about who we are, not someone else’s perfect home. We are delighted by our floor plan that would have not been nearly as successful without this program, and look forward to many happy and nurturing years in our home.”

Sarah Chisholm
Custom Home

“Only after working through the entire process did we have clarity on our dreams for our home. This house has been in our family for over 60 years. Our home renovation was completed last week and we love the light, the space and the way we feel when we walk in the front door. This is our true home!”

Laurence Dempsey
Major Remodeling Project

“I am a busy, stay-at-home mom. Our existing home simply did not fit our needs, with two active young people competing with my husband and I over the use of the same living areas. Our whole family felt a lack of privacy and personal space, which caused us a lot of stress. Truehome allowed our designer to understand our complicated lives and design a remodeling project that fits us like a glove. We all love the result, and I truly think it saved us a lot of time because we didn’t have to change almost anything during the process of construction.”

Pam Langford
Custom Home

“Our new space is perfect and has really become the heart of our home, and we attribute that to Truehome’s ability to listen to our needs and guide us in the right direction. We enjoyed the design process, especially their thoughtful responses to our ideas. Truehome could see a picture of something we liked, intuit what we liked about it, and make it a reality for us. He also helped us with ideas when we were stumped or wanted professional input.

He made the decision-making easy. He was always available and easy to communicate with; he remembered our questions and requests, and he always followed through on everything. He was clear about the financial end of things; there were never any surprises, even when we repeatedly changed the scope of the project or changed our minds about decisions. The timing was as he said it would be, and the project was completed on schedule. Everyone is so impressed by our new space. We get lots of comments about how it looks like it came straight out of a magazine, and it really does.”

Debra Squires

“I can’t imagine navigating the bidding, design, and planning process without the work and plans Truehome did for us. Tackling our scarily outdated kitchen in our 1885 home was overwhelming to me, but Truehome staff were able to listen to our hopes and dreams for the space while respecting the entirety of our home, as well as our budget. As a photographers, the aesthetic of the kitchen was incredibly important to us, and we adore the design that he delivered.

While getting bids from local contractors, the plans have been invaluable. They are so detailed and we have been able to get very accurate bids. It’s also so much easier to convey our vision to contractors and subcontractors. Thank you!

Jennifer Lindberg

retiredtraveling“Chris made us think about what we wanted before construction began. If he hadn’t made us sit down and consider lifestyle, living spaces, furniture etc., we wouldn’t have ended up satisfied. By knowing beforehand our personal needs, we were able to reduce future stress.””

Harold Yarnold
Major Remodeling Project, Custom Home

“It was smooth from design to building. I was 700 miles away so this was a big advantage. (The greatest benefit was) …making the lists of what I must have, and what I would like to have if money was no object. Both lists were fulfilled. I got exactly what I wanted and much more. For me, it couldn’t have been better.”

Mavis Hampton
Custom Home

“Considering that we began by describing our needs as a simple restoration, and ended up redoing everything and adding 2000+ sq. ft., I would describe the benefit of doing all that homework as paramount. Of greatest value was our recognition of our need for large porches…nothing short of a miracle!”

Lynda Adams
Farmhouse Remodeling and Additions Project

“We participated in Truehome and learned a lot about ourselves. We always expected to realize our dream of wintering in Texas…but we never expected to have that dream include a new home perfectly suited to our needs. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable process and for designing a wonderful new retreat perfectly suited to our lifestyle.”

John and Linda Dickey
Custom Home

style notebook“Your process really saved my life and opened my husband’s eyes so that he has begun to work with me on my healing journey instead of against me. How does one say thank you for that?”

Rosemary Burkhard
Research Client

“The Truehome experience has taken me back to my childhood roots– with a new old farmhouse– where old and new memories meet. The house “lives” amongst spreading oaks, wildlife, and running waters. Truly the enchanting retreat exudes the essence of life. Our thanks to Chris Travis and Truehome.”

Len and Jerry Hawsey
Custom Home

“Truehomes has a very unique blend of talents. We worked with Truehome on several remodeling and new construction projects. Their unique blend of skills can be seen throughout many phases of the process: they has the visionary gift of an architect; the keen eye of a designer; the practical mind of an engineer and the determination to produce a high-quality product as a builder.

“Truehome was instrumental in the construction of our current home on 122 acres in Smithville. We wanted a custom home with a style, materials and colors that complimented the natural terrain. They were key in translating our concepts and desires into a home that exudes warmth, style and comfort.

“Truehome is familiar with advanced building and energy savings technologies that significantly reduced cost and improved the integrity of the house. His building experience focused the design and engineering on the practical. Furthermore, his detailed knowledge in the early stages saved us endless change orders and field changes.”

Kathy and Gar Seifullin

“Truehome has dedicated countless hours to cost estimation and other pro bono services in support of our Alley Flat Initiative which seeks to increase the supply of affordable housing in Austin’s urban core by building on underutilized lots. Truehome’s commitment to social equity and serving low and moderate income Austinites shines through his work with us.”

Michael Gatto
Executive Director, Austin Community Design and Development Center

“If the client takes the time to participate seriously in the process, they will not be disappointed in the results.”

Bruce Frenzel, P.E., R.P.L.S.
Custom Home