Create a home that helps reduce stress, improves health,

empowers life goals and enhances relationships

girlintubpamperedWe have all experienced environments that fill us with wonder or well being; a stand of redwoods, a magnificent cathedral, or the home of a loving grandparent. Powerful emotions are unleashed by our subconscious when we walk into special places, emotions that impact our day to day choices.

What if you could use the deep psychological cues built into your brain to consciously create a home that supports the life you want? Creating a Healing Home starts with identifying the emotional associations, life goals and social values that already exist in your mind – what we call your “emotional architecture.”

Create a home that feels like you want it to feel. Should your master bath be about rejuvenation or serenity? Would you prefer a feeling of openness in your great room for big family get-togethers or a cozy sitting room that fosters adult conversation? DiscoverHome quizzes will help you figure it out.

style notebookA Revolutionary New Way to Plan Home Projects

When people choose to change their living space, what they really want is a new and better life. There is a simple reason traditional methods of buying, designing and building homes often fail to provide a better life.

“Home” isn’t a building. It’s an experience, really a whole suite of experiences. That means your perfect home is in your head and heart, not in the bricks and sticks of your project. It’s a psychological fingerprint embedded in your brain; one that is unique for each of us.

A more effective planning process results in a more fitting home environment. Learning about your individual “experience of home” saves time and money, and helps you maximize the value of your investment.

Truehome Success in the Real World

The Truehome process was used for over a decade in an award-winning architecture firm and design/build firm before evolving into an interactive web application and purpose driven social network.

Design/build projects using the Truehome Workshop not only Truehome_WorkShop pg1saved time and money but also created profound satisfaction for those homeowners.

World-renowned psychologists and neuropsychologists have contributed to the development of this leading-edge technology. The Truehome recognizes the fact that your living space and your wellbeing are profoundly linked.

Truehome is designed to help you collaborate online with real estate agents, designers, builders and wellness professionals to create a home that truly fits the life you want to live.

The Truehome Workshop can be purchased directly from its author. For information about the workshop and the consulting services available, contact Christopher K. Travis.